Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our Plans - The Big Trip

East Greenbush, NY

I just realized. I didn't tell you the long and the short of our plans, or as we call it, "The big trip"!

Our final agenda is to, in June of 2009, take our kids out of school and leave for a year long journey along the Eastern coast of the United States. We are currently planning to stage our final boat (one more to go after this Passport 40) out of the Cape Cod area. In June, we'll go north for a couple of months, and then gradually head south. If we make it to Florida, great. If we make it farther, that works too! If it takes a little longer than a year - well, I'm sure we won't be complaining.

So as I place these blog entries online, keep in mind what our final goal is, as that's the reason the tasks we're completing exist.

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