Monday, September 21, 2009

Dutch Invasion!!!

Kristen here - Today is Monday 9/21/09. Nope, I didn't jump off a bridge after my last post. I was mad at the world and needed to vent. Thanks for listening. I figure what good is this blog if I don't say what I'm feeling. It would be kind of boring and fake. Cruising, like life, has its ups and downs and I'm gonna share them both.

This weekend we went to visit Chris's grandpa, my children's great grandpa. This guy is simply amazing. He is 97 years old and is still quite together. He can still remember everything and even read without glasses! He was in the hospital because he fell, and is having some other problems. The funny part was that he was upset because he was missing bingo back at the assisted living home. I'm glad we're here now and able to spend some time with him while we still can. Everything happens for a reason. He needs blood transfusions more and more frequently, so I'm guessing that his lucidity won't last much longer. I can only hope that we're in such good shape when we're 97!

On Sunday we had two birthday parties. I was so excited for double birthday cake day! Birthday cake is my absolute favorite. And if you pair it with chocolate ice cream I will just go nuts! I woke up that morning with a big smile and thought to myself, "MMmmmmmm today is double cake day!". Then I went for a four mile run in preparation for the massive amounts of cake.

The first party was for a friend of Kaitlin's. Her friend's dad is part owner of a Games2U van, and that was the party. The van is loaded with monitors and video screens. It also comes with outdoor laser tag, and a giant hamster ball. The hamster ball is the biggest attraction. Once that thing comes out it's all over. The kids don't want to do anything else. But can you blame them? It's a giant blow up ball with an inner chamber that you strap yourself to the inside and roll around in. The kids just go wild over it!

The next party was my brother's birthday. His children set up a restaurant and served everyone dinner. We had fresh mozzarella and tomatoes from their garden for an appetizer. There was a choice of quesadillas, lasagna, or burgers for dinner. Finally dessert was a sugar cookie with fresh whipped cream and blueberries! It wasn't cake, but my gosh it was super yummy! While we were there, we told them about our penny stove. They thought it would be a great project for my nephew's boy scout troop, and asked Casey if he could teach it to the group. Casey was a little worried about so many kids working with sharp cans and dremmel tools, but I think he was a little honored too. And, yes, we mentioned the explosion and they weren't even phased! I have a brave brother and sister-in-law

When the kids and I got back from my brothers house, we discovered quite a bit more boats at the yacht club. Chris said that while we were gone, and while he was at the laundromat, a fleet of Dutch boats arrived. Apparently they were going to dock a little farther up the river, next to Albany, but someone miscalculated and didn't take the bridge into consideration. Most of their ships wouldn't fit under it! Bonus for us though! These ships are simply amazing. They don't have keels under the ship, they have flat bottoms. Their keels are boards on the side of the boat that can be pulled up to enter shallow water.

Apparently the Dutch boats were shipped over here and then they sailed up the Hudson River to Albany. I think they're going to be here for a while, so if you're in the area, come down to the Yacht Club and check them out. They are beautiful! On the downside, there is a lot more competition for the showers in the morning now!

I find it kinda funny that Kaitlin is supposed to be studying New York history this year, particularly the Dutch and Colonial periods and already we've seen Dutch ships, gone to a Dutch museum, gone to the NY museum, and the Hudson museum in Kingston. All that and we haven't even started school yet! Although when I asked her how long ago Henry Hudson sailed here, she told me 4 years ago. I think she needs to pay a bit more attention at the museums!

Today was Monday and it was back to work. I kinda look forward to Mondays though. It's a whole week to get things done. Things are picking up, and work is getting accomplished. I have a good feeling that this is a turning point and things will only get better. Don't tell Chris I said that though, because he'll say I'm jinxing us!

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there even though we're not sailing. We'll be out on the high seas again soon enough I'm sure!

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