Friday, November 26, 2010

Day one - Haverstraw to Liberty Landing

Chris here... Just a quick update.  We're probably going to be staying here at Liberty Landing for a day or two.  We didn't leave today since it was raining and windy, and didn't feel like running the East River and Hell Gate when it was difficult to see through the dodger.  Unfortunately, now it looks like tomorrow, while it won't be raining, will be REALLY windy with 20kt winds and gusts to 30kts, meaning 25kt+ winds and gusts to 40kts once you "reinterpret" the National Weather Service forecast.  So... we're probably going to stay here tomorrow too, and then head out to the East River and Stamford CT on Sunday which kills our logistics a bit, but such is the boating life.

Yesterday's trip was fairly uneventful which is a good thing.  It was so incredible being behind the wheel again with a real "destination".  It's going to be tough peeling myself away from Pelican next week and going back to the day job.  What's going to be tougher is when we have to make the turn from New York Harbor into the East River not continuing south instead, through the lower harbor and then into the ocean and south.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

Pelican prepped to head out - looking like
a cruising boat again.
Almost up to the Tappan Zee bridge
And past the Tappan Zee...

Almost to the George Washington Bridge.  Starting
to rain a little.

For those of you that know the book, here's the little
red lighthouse under the great grey bridge!
The start of the Harlem River. If we didn't have that
 big stick on the top of our boat we could
have shaved a day off our trip.  I'm glad we can't
fit through :)
In our slip at Liberty Landing
Thanksgiving Dinner.  Kristen is awesome at boat cooking.
We even had a 14lb turkey cooked in our oven.  It was

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