Monday, June 1, 2009

Let's try this again

Chris here.. Alright... the forecast for today is for little wind and few squalls.  The Sirius system didn't show any squall activity.  We went to turn on the engine, and had the same problem as yesterday, so this time we started using the advice many people gave us.  We hooked the multimeter up and found that we had a big voltage drop on the positive side when cranking the engine.  We traced back the wires and found that they were all good and clean, but the wire between the two parts of the starter motor is somewhat melted.  I'm still not convinced the starter is the root of our issues, but it's definitely an issue now.  We got the name of a good Yanmar mechanic in Nassau, so we'll give him a shout tomorrow to get some assistance.

Speaking of Nassau, this blog entry comes to you via our satellite phone.  We're approximately 30nm from arrival.  There is definitely rain out there - we've even seen two waterspouts, but they were pretty far off.  I got some pictures so I'll post them if they came out. Hopefully we'll arrive at Nassau by 3pm or so.  There's a suprise waiting for the kids - I made reservations at Atlantis.  That's one of the reasons I've been pushing so hard to get there.  We were hoping to arrive in Nassau last night so we'd have all day today at Atlantis, but that didn't happen, so we'll get this afternoon and tomorrow there.  So... waterslides, aquariums and lazy trips down chlorine filled rivers await us in a few hours.  We'll talk to you soon!

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