Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day of rest...zzzzz

Kristen here - Today is Sunday 6/28/09. Today we are heading off to the Charleston Tall Ships Festival!! I'm extremely excited to have a day off. Yesterday it looked like this day off might not happen.

We went to the boat yesterday to finish up the rub rail. We had to polish three more strips of metal and enlarge and fill all the screw holes with epoxy. If we didn't get this done we would have to do it today. The epoxy takes a day to cure, and that cure time is holding up this project. So, after I finished up the metal, Chris informed me that the owner of the yard was leaving and we had to go too. NOooooooo!!! I need to do the epoxy! Resolved to the fact that we would return today, I put everything away, up the ladder, back on the boat. Upon returning to the main office, Chris asked if we could stay a bit longer and the owner said no problem. Ugh! Back to the boat, up the ladder and unpack all the tools. I wasn't too upset though because this meant we didn't have to go back today.

We drilled out all the old holes, and made a family event out of epoxying them. The epoxy hardens in 45 minutes, so we all had to move fast. Chris handled the epoxy, Kaitlin held the syringes, Casey handled the tape, and I did the filling. Chris would fill a syringe with epoxy and hand it to me. I would fill the holes and then Casey would hand me tape to cover them. When one syringe was empty, Chris and Kaitlin would have another at the ready. Working as a team, we were done in about 1/2 an hour. The kids were complaining about the heat, but still seemed excited to be able to help. As we finished the last hole, the sky opened up and poured once again. This seems to keep happening to us! Hopefully the tape holds up to the rain.

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