Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sorry for being incommunicado

Chris here.. sorry for dropping out of sight. We've been working LONG hours in 100 degree plus heat for the past week and a half. A list of projects done so far:

  • We raised her waterline by 3.5" and put new bottom paint and a new bootstripe on her
  • Pulled off the bronze from the rubrail and stripped it, compounded and polished it and put new lacquer on, and filled all of the rubrail holes with epoxy so we can redrill the holes.
  • We pulled the prop off and sent it to AB Marine (Gori distributor) to see if there was a problem with it, and there isn't, but they did grease it up and do some other maintenance, and now it feathers much better. It was a major pain to take off as red loctite was used everywhere (took almost an entire day to get off), but it went back on smoothly.
  • We repainted our pedestal
  • We removed our bimini/dodger and re-waterproofed them.
  • We pulled off our vented loop for our exhaust and have replaced it - we hope that may solve the partial hydraulic lock/starting issue.
  • We replaced all of the zincs
  • We cleaned off the speed transducer of shrimp, worms and barnacles
  • We pulled off the bow pulpit, finally got the old wire out (not easy at all) and pulled new wire through (also not easy). We have to rebed the pulpit and then re-attach it to the bow. We're hoping the nuts encased in the fiberglass haven't swollen making it impossible to put back on (and requiring us to grind them out and refiberglass). We'll see how it goes.
  • Later today we start the hull compound/polish/wax. We're using Presta products which are supposed to be the best of the best - we'll see how that goes. Hopefully well!
Not bad for about 7 days of work. I think we're done after we do the hull cleaning and the pulpit rebedding. There's lots more to do, but we should be able to do the rest while in the water.

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