Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Kristen here - today is Friday 7/31. We were supposed to be driving back to the boat today, but Chris had some more business to take care of and it's raining cats and dogs here. As it turns out, not only do we hate sailing in the rain, we hate driving in it as well.

This week has been insane. I don't know how we ever did it before. Visiting everyone, trying to schedule doctor and dentist appointments, business meetings and meeting with the kids school make for a busy week. Before we left, this all would have happened in a day! Now I understand why everyone is so stressed.

The kids are loving being home. They tell me every day that it would be just fine if we stayed a bit longer. I think they have a new appreciation for friends and family.

When we arrived in East Greenbush, the first thing we did was drive through the old neighborhood. One of the kids waved at us and then did a double take. Then she ran out to the car and gave us a big hug. In no time everyone was outside and we were all chatting. It was just like old times. It felt great to get such a warm reception.

After settling into our hotel for Monday night, we spent the next day playing with friends and getting Kaitlin to the dentist. Tuesday night was sleepover night. Casey went to a friends house, and Kaitlin took a friend to my parents house. Chris and I took the opportunity to have a dinner out together. We hit the Butcher Block, one of our favorites. We got there and Chris proceeded to order his old favorite. This consisted of a steak, lobster tail, salad bar and a huge sweet potato. I told him, "Honey, if you eat all that you'll be sick!". "But this is what I always get", he said. "Yea, 8 months ago when you were a bit bigger!". He finally agreed to split the dinner with me, and we both ended up quite full.

The next morning I drove to pick up Kaitlin and her friend from my parents house. This would be trip number 2 to Saratoga and back. I ended up staying there till the afternoon because everyone was having fun playing in the creek that runs behind the house. Eventually we left and I got both my kiddos back. I had to stop by the DMV to get some paperwork, the hobby shop for hovercraft parts, and a few other errands. Then I picked up Chris and we headed back to my parents for dinner. PHEW!

Thursday was meeting day. Chris and I had a full day meeting, so my parents drove up to take care of Casey and Kaitlin. It was almost a relief to sit in a meeting all day! It was 10PM by the time we got back from the meeting and my mom was fast asleep in the kids hotel room. They decided to spend the night, which was wonderful. We got to have breakfast with them this morning before starting school.

It's 1:00 now and I just finished school. My only goal for today is to pick up a phone charger for Chris and some more parts for Casey at the hobby shop. Oh yea, and I have to call the insurance company to see if they'll cover a prescription for me. I'm sure that will take most of the day...grrrr. I just can't wait to be back on the boat!

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