Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm alive...I think

Kristen here - Today is Wednesday July 8. Last night I was checking out my newly formed arm muscles and noticed that there is a significant difference between my right and left arm. The buffer holding arm has made me lopsided.

When I first picked up the buffer and started using it, I never thought I'd make it through this whole process. The buffer gets really heavy really fast. It also likes to goop up and catch on things. This makes it want to take off and fling out of your hands, producing a strong jerking force on your arms. "It's not worth it", I thought. I knew this was going to hurt....a lot.

Once I got used to the buffer and the associated buffing liquids things got a little easier. Every day we've been coming home exhausted though. I was more than a little excited when the job was done! Now I need a week off to heal the various cuts, scrapes and sore muscles.

The kids have been simply amazing for this whole time. They have occupied a small conference room in the yard's office. In the morning they tackle school on their own, and when they're done they watch movies and read books. Casey has even built a small hovercraft! I can't say how amazing it is that they have occupied themselves for all this time.

I would write more, but my hands are sore and we have to get going. The boat is being launched today, and we have to make sure nothing leaks! Soon we will be on the move again.

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