Monday, June 8, 2009

I hate coming up with titles!

Kristen here - today is Monday 6/8/09. I hate making decisions too, but given the choice between going, or staying put another day, I would stay put. We just finished having dinner with Shiver and Miakoda. I am quite set on getting out of the Bahamas, as is Shiver. It was nice to have someone on our side, since Miakoda is trying to convince us to come to the Abacos with them. I'm just tired of all this rain. Shiver is currently planning on going to Beaufort on Wednesday, and the current plan is to go with them. Well, the current plan exactly is to listen to Chris Parker tomorrow at 6:30AM, and see when he says to go. Either way we should be heading to the states sometime soon.

On a side note, dinner was fish tacos. It was my first attempt at them, and suprisingly enough they turned out to be quite yummy! I used the grouper we bought from a Spanish Wells boat that was docked at Potters Cay in Nassau. I grilled the grouper after it had marinated in lime juice. Jenny from Miakoda and I fried up some tortillas from scratch (our first time for that as well), and we served everything with canned beans, corn, tomatoes and fresh lettuce. The whole mess was delicious! It also got rid of this mess of corn flour that I had no idea what to use for. Don't ask me why I had so much.

When we left for this trip, I tried to save as much food as possible from our house. I'm not sure what I was thinking, or if I was still sane when I made the food decisions. The corn grits and corn flour are still around, as well as pudding and jello mix (never enough room in the fridge to chill them), lava cake mix, creme brule mix (no ramekins to cook them in), and lots of other various items. I'm sure I'll get around to them eventually.

Today Jenny from Miakoda and I went to a fabric place in Nassau. Someone from the dock told her about it, so we went to check it out. It was quite amazing. We walked in the place and I immediately noticed that all of the clothing was hand made and quite expensive. They sold the fabric by the yard for $30. That's a little pricy for me. Then Jenny asked if they had any remnants, and the owner showed us to the back room. There was the jackpot! They had these tube shaped heavy duty plastic bags with zippers and handles filled with remnants for $15! The best part was you got to keep the bag too! We sat in front of the shelf and sorted through each bag to find our favorite fabrics. The back room was also where they made the prints. There were long tables with material laid out on them just waiting to be printed upon. There was also a room where one of the workers was drawing pictures to be made into new fabrics. It was very interesting to see how it all worked. While we were there it started pouring out, so we stayed and chatted with the owner for a bit.

Once the rain let up, we ducked into a restaurant to have a beer and sort through our fabrics. Jenny wanted blues and I liked the pinks and greens, so we did some trading. Who knows what we'll make!

Well, its off to bed for me. I believe I have to get up early tomorrow to listen to the weather. Shiver is going to try to listen at 6:30, and then they'll report to us. I must do my best not to still be sleeping when they "pop over".

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Anonymous said...

Fabric Shop? Oh, Kristen, so there is a "happy place" in the Bahamas? Hope you picked nice neutral pinks & greens, you can use my book!