Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Casey's first post

Hi! I’m Casey. My dad has decided to let me start posting on the blog! I just wanted to put in my thoughts and opinions on our trip. First, I think it’s great that we are doing this.

It’s kind of funny what happens in school when I tell people about it. This is how it goes: (Me) “hey, did you know we’re going to the Bahamas on our boat?” (Them) “Seriously? That’s so cool! How are you going to go to school?” (Me) “I’m gettin’ homeschooled.” (Them) “Is the boat big?” (Me) Well… you know… it’s a boat.” (Them) “Why?” (Me) “Because it’s cool!” It’s the same process for everyone I know. Even teachers! I’m super excited. I’m always counting how much longer it will be before regular school ends for me. Just one week exactly left . Then we leave for thanksgiving break and during thanksgiving break we go to our boat!!!

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