Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We're Going!

At every point in time in your life you have to make choices. A few weeks ago, we were bringing Pelican from Lake Champlain to Branford, CT to have work done and to store her for the Winter. As we entered New York Harbor with Lady Liberty on our right and The Battery on our left, we were faced with two paths. If we went right, or south, we would be heading toward the open ocean - warm climates, new people and amazing experiences. If we went left, or east, we would be heading up the East River, to the Long Island Sound and to our ultimate destination in Connecticut.

I looked at my wife and jokingly said, "We should head south now. Let's forget buying a bigger boat, waiting a few years and heading south then. Let's go now." She looked at me with a thoughtful expression, and said "I'd give my right leg if we could leave now." I'm not going to say that my wife is wearing a prosthetic at the moment, but we went south figuratively.

We are currently outfitting our boat for a cruise starting on December 1st. This weekend I'm heading to Annapolis from Branford with four friends. Once there, we're having various pieces of equipment installed. In the meantime, we're selling a lot of our "stuff" that has accumulated over the years. It's a tough choice as to what we sell since we plan to be back in 20 months. Everything we don't sell will end up in storage. On December 1st, we'll pack up our personal items, hop in a rental car and move onto our boat.

I can't say our families aren't upset about the quick notice. We're taking 4 weeks to do what other's usually take two years to prepare for. It's turning our lives upside down, but this is a good thing. We get to live a dream. More later...

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