Saturday, November 29, 2008

Moving Day!

Kristen here - Today is Saturday the 29th of November. Wednesday was moving day and everything has been a blur since then. 
The movers arrived at 9:07 and spent about 1/2 hour walking around the house and deciding how to approach the move.  I kept thinking to myself, OK, that was just $75 worth of planning and just get moving already!  A move that was quoted to take 7 hours with travel time about 45 minutes away ended up taking 7 hours when travel time got reduced to 5 minutes.  We decided at the last minute to get a different storage facility that was much closer. Thank goodness we did!
Thursday was Thanksgiving at my parents house with my two brothers families.  It was so much fun watching all 6 cousins playing together.  At the same time it was sad knowing we wouldnt be seeing everyone for a while. 
We were planning on leaving the next morning to head south for CT to see Chris's family and then on to Annapolis, MD.  We wanted to get out early to make it to Landfall Navigation in CT to pick up some cruising guides.  After finding out that Landfall was closed on Friday we decided to stay at my parents house till Saturday and head to CT on Sunday.  YAY! more time with my family.
Its been nice having some extra relaxing time.  It's getting really crazy running around so much.  Today (Saturday)  we're all going to the YMCA to swim and just have fun.  Aaahhhh fun...its been a while!

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