Thursday, November 6, 2008

Heading to Annapolis

On Friday November 6th (tomorrow) I'm bringing Pelican to Annapolis. We'll be leaving around noon from Branford, CT and going the "outside route". This means that we'll be going east and rounding the tip of Long Island around Montauk, heading direct to the Delaware Bay, around Cape May, up the Delaware River, through the C&D Canal, down the Chesapeake River and ending up in Back Creek in Annapolis. This trip is approximately 362nm (416 regular miles). If we go 5 knots the whole way (5.75mph), and we're hoping to go faster, it will take us slightly over 3 days to arrive in Annapolis. If we can maintain 6 knots, we'll cut 12 hours off of our trip. Amazing what a slight increase in speed will do!

I will be joined by four friends for the trip - Bob (from Willsboro Bay, where we kept our boat for the past two years), Mike (a friend of Bob's), Gene (also from Willsboro Bay) and Cole (from where I work, and I'm pleased to call him a friend). I wouldn't suggest smelling the air on Pelican after 3 days and 5 guys take her on a trip.

Once in Annapolis, the real work of outfitting Pelican for cruising begins. From a generator and air conditioning, to a new dinghy, to a liferaft, autopilot, sail restitching and more, we'll be transforming Pelican into a safe and comfortable home.

I'm sure we'll have a few stories to tell once we're done. The forecast calls for everything from 10-15 to 15-20 to gusts of 25, and seas from 4-6ft to 3-5ft to 2-4ft. If we get 6 foot seas, it's going to be a rollercoaster ride! I'll post again when we arrive in Annapolis.

P.S. I was reminded again today as to why this trip is so important. A good friend of mine had his 17 year old daughter pass away today from severe injuries sustained in a car accident. Life is precious and you don't get to spend enough of it with your family. Live your dream, enjoy your family.

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