Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We Made It To The Boat

Kristen here - it's Tuesday December 2 and we've made it onto the boat...sort of. We arrived on Monday afternoon to find everything from inside our storage areas in our living areas. This means there are pretty much no living areas for us. There is also no propane which means no cooking. Ok, maybe no cooking isn't so bad.

The reason for the mess is that they're still working on installing the generator, air conditioning, cell and wireless amplifier, engine hoist and various other stuff. We've decided to keep our worldly possessions in the rented minivan until the workers are done. That way our stuff won't be in their way, and hopefully they'll be done faster.

Our first night on the boat was simply heaven! I haven't slept so well in ages. I was even rested up enough to go for a run in the morning. Life felt almost normal after a run and a refreshing shower. After that it was off to run errands. We had to check on engine work, get the kids foul weather gear (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find offshore gear for an 8 yr old!), find a collapsible shopping cart, and buy a dinghy. We managed everything but the shopping cart. We also managed to fit in a trip to a favorite Annapolis restaurant, Chick and Ruth's Delly. Yes that's Delly and not Deli. It's an absolutely amazing Jewish Deli in the heart of Annapolis. Go figure!

Tonight we went to visit Chris's cousin Lynn and her two kids Ben and Sarah about an hour away from here. It was great to see Lynn (sorry we missed Karl!), and the kids were so cute. Casey and Kaitlin proceeded to chase Ben and Sarah around the house the whole evening with a 5 minute break for dinner! Thanks for the hospitality Lynn!

Tomorrow we get the boat hauled for the day. I believe they're putting in a thru hole for the air conditioning, and I'm going to service the prop. We also need to enlarge the hole in the anchor and mark the anchor chain. As Chris realized on the trip from Long Island, the temporary fix didn't work. Also we never marked the anchor chain, so every time we let it out it's a guess as to how much chain is out. Now that I'm writing this I realize that we never bought paint to mark the chain. Good thing we still have the car!

Speaking of the car, we only have it until Friday. This means it's a mad dash to get everything done before then. Once the car is gone it's kinda tough to run to Home Depot! Even for me :)

Oh, we also started homeschooling! Well, again, kind of. We realized that there is a ton to do before we have to give up the car, so school is happening on the way to places and during downtimes. I read through Kaitlin's history book and found out that God is mentioned an awful lot. Not that I'm against God, but I would like an unbiased history of the world. Not one that starts out with God created the stars. After a brief panic and a check of the web, Calvert is actually toted as the most non-religious home school out there. Phew!

So we're here but still in limbo. It will be nice once we can actually move on board and put everything away and get on our way.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it ok! Take your time getting prepared, as preparation is very important. Like, for example, do you have any V-stew? Would you like some? We have the make'ns after yesterday! (Get the message?}

Sucram said...

Kewl! I am out of work early today to beat traffic so I can spend more quality time w/you guys tonight. Tell Chris since he offered to pay for sushi I stopped eating last night in order to maximize my eating capacity! mmmmm... sushi....

- Brian