Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Long Haul

Kristen here - Today is Thursday December 4th. Yesterday was boat hauling day. We woke up at 7AM to yet another nice layer of frost on everything. It took us a while to get going, and we finally made it to the travel lift at 8:00. As soon as we pulled in, they grabbed our lines and pulled us into the lift. In no time we were up and out onto some stands in the boat yard.

With a finite time to get our out of the water work done, we got to work quickly. Bob and Matt, our crew from Engineered Marine Systems had to put in a thru hull for the air conditioner, enlarge the generator thru hull, put in an above water hole for the air cond and make the various connections. I had to exercise all our thru hulls, service our prop, mark 10' increments on the anchor rode, drill a bigger hole in our anchor, and put new zincs on (note from editor [i.e. Chris] - I love the "I" in this sentence. I helped some!).

We were just wrapping up at 4:00 when the travel lift pulled up behind our boat. The guy operating the travel lift seemed to think we weren't moving fast enough, so he kindly mentioned that if we didn't hurry he could come back tomorrow.

As we were put back in the water, our good friend Brian came walking down the dock! He lives in DC, and drove down to visit us. After exchanging hugs and friendly insults we went out to the Sailyard for Hot Buttered Rums. Mmmmmmmmm...nothing is better than a Hot Buttered Rum after a hard days work in the cold! The sailyard knows how to do them right too!!!

After the Sailyard it was off to Joss for the best sushi ever. We lasted a couple of hours and started falling asleep in our sukiyaki. Brian dropped us off at our boat and we said our goodbyes. It was great to see you Brian!!!


Sucram said...

You guys are the best! All of you (even Chris!)

Seriously, it was wonderful to be able to wish you a safe and pleasant journey, and I'm glad we can all keep track of you as you go on your adventure. My folks and Sara wish you all the best.

- Brian

Anonymous said...

Congrats on starting your voyage. Good luck and Fair Winds. We will be following your posts, and enjoying your voyage with you..Thanks for the ride. Jack, from the Precision Forum.