Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally! Some pictures!

Here are some pictures to catch y'all up! I finally found the cable to hook my camera to the laptop, so hopefully we'll have some more pictures as we progress!

Welcome to Maryland!

Slightly packed minivan

Keeping the elephants away at Chick and Ruth's

Visiting with their second cousins

Hauling out to do work

Almost clean!


Auntie Deb and the gang said...

Hey all, well finally got on board as it were! Lookin good so far you guys....I'll pop in often to check on big sis

DKCnE said...

Hey! Your kitchen is cleaner than ours. Great to SEE you all again. Good luck with the prep. Hurry and get out of there before the real snow comes.

We all miss your presence - especially the Casey's passing the house bus notification system we had in place!