Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Plethora of Pictures

First off, if you would like to see some pictures of Pelican (before she was transformed into her current cruiser self), click here and here. Here are a bunch of other pictures we've taken along the way.

Pelican getting hauled so we can add the through hulls
for the air conditioning and generator.

Goodbye Annapolis!

Casey and Kaitlin getting along

Casey and Kaitlin trying to pretend
they don't get along (yeah right!)

Me (Chris) before my overnight watch :)

Kaitlin during her overnight watch
(Yep - her eyes were only open for a little bit)

The cockpit at the end of the overnight - 3 empty
propane canisters and some leftover Tostito scoops. Little
known fact - you can put M&M's inside the scoops, stick
them next to a propane heater to melt the chocolate,
and have an excellent sweet and salty snack plus some fun!

Cool ships in Norfolk - behold the might that
is the US Navy!

Us on Pelican taking a picture of a Pelican.
"I've had the name a lot longer than you!"
said the bird.

The North Landing River. Can you believe the
water is only 2-3 feet deep to the left of that mark,
and that there is a continuous row of submerged pilings
lining the channel to prevent shoaling? This is
NOT a channel you want to make a mistake on!

Alright - you have problems keeping your kids from
sitting on the arms of your couch? Try keeping them from
sitting on your sail!!

Isn't Kaitlin studious?

Entering the Alligator River-Pungo Canal

Casey starting his watch for logs and snags on
the canal

Casey 10 minutes into his watch for logs
and snags on the canal

Casey 20 minutes into his watch for logs
and snags on the canal

Our welcoming committee into Beaufort, NC

From our dock in Beaufort, NC

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Sucram said...

Chris - that photo from the dock is absolutely amazing... great shot! Good to see you and the family are doing well.

- Brian