Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm shocked!

Chris here. Don't ask me how it happened... nobody else here seems to know either, but we made it to Lake Worth in a single day. Normally a two day trip due to the numerous lift bridges, we seemed to time everything right and we arrived in Lake Worth at around 5pm. There were 8 lift bridges, 4 of which only opened on the half or quarter hour. The longest we had to wait was 30 minutes for the first of the timed bridges, and we made it to every other bridge about 90 seconds before their scheduled opening. The waterway was pretty empty today - we saw, passed and were passed by about 20 other boats. I guess this number is usually in the hundreds, and you usually end up waiting at the bridges for enough boats to catch up to make it worth the bridge's while to raise. Well, we were pretty much on our own, so the bridges (except for the times ones) went up as we approached, and off we went. Add to this a 15kt following breeze, and a 2kt or so current that was with us as we approached the Fort Pierce Inlet, and it all added up to a rather chubby day. This means we'll get a whole extra day of rest here. I have numerous passage notes, plus we actually took a few pictures, so when I get up tomorrow I'll start working on an new blog entry.

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