Friday, February 6, 2009

Kaitlin's Passage Description

Kaitlin here - We are sitting on a mooring right now and we got back from a four day trip yesterday evening. We left Charleston Thursday morning. In Charleston it was freezing cold, but when we got down to Florida it got a lot warmer and we were in shorts instead of long pants. Also on our four day trip we let our fishing line out. We first caught a huge fish. We thought it was a mackerel. On our trip we also caught two sharks. My mom got hurt on the wire when she was pulling the first one in. My mom also caught another shark that was different from the first shark. The mackerel looked like it had no mouth. I usually never change on our boat, but I got wet two times so I had to change two times. I was very sad because I was trying to beat my pijama record which is two days. We mostly sailed with the main and the jenny out the whole way. I had to sleep up in my mom and dads bed which was very bumpy and wet after my match. I got really seasick after that night. My Poppi got to come with us so I was really excited. My poppi did a watch with Casey, but my Mom did a watch with them too. While I was on my watch I played my DS most of the time and like a quarter of the day. It was kind of fun the last three days but the first day was not fun because I got seasick. When we got to Florda it was really cool because I have never been able to go to Florida. The day before our last day was cool because I heard a sonic boom.

This was written by Kaitlin when we arrived in Vero Beach. Sorry for the late post Miss Kate!

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