Thursday, February 19, 2009

Projects the night before...

Who needs an electric pump? We've got Kristen!
(By the way - this is not a glamor shot)

Chris here... I just thought I'd share with you what Kristen decided to do the night before we're about to head to Lake Worth... Our old water pump died after 20 years of service, so we got a new one - the same kind. A week after we got it (not an easy task to have something shipped to you when you have a floating address), the new pump died. We had the new pump replaced with a new new pump, once again, the same kind. That pump died of the same problem. At the Miami Boat Show (which I still have to write an entry about), we talked to Jabsco and they recommended a different pump. We returned the bad pump, got the new pump, and Kristen decided to do the work tonight. It required new hoses, barbs, mounting, etc., and she decides to do it the night before we head out. For revenge for her grumpiness level, I posted the picture above :). By the way, the reason she gave for doing it is that "Casey wanted to hear how it sounds." What a Mom!

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Anonymous said...

Any wife that cange change out a bigle pump is a keeper!!!
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