Monday, February 23, 2009

It's picture day!!!

It's picture day! We have a lot of them, from Vero Beach, to Disney, to our trip to North Palm Beach (Lake Worth) to what we've been doing the past few days.


I'm not sure that braces will be enough!


Vero Beach Mooring Field at night

The pelicans are everywhere!

The beach at Vero Beach

Well, we tried to get a shot of our family at
Epcot, but this Disney employee didn't seem
to get the idea of a "family picture".

You pick the scarier look!

Beam us up!

Can you identify this bird? Let's call it bird one.

What about this bird? Anyone know the type? Bird two.


A great shot with Mickey and Minnie

Ummm... what exactly is Noni (Kristen's Mom) doing?

At the castle

Making cookie dough underway

Can you say grounded?

I'm not sure what the chartplotter is
trying to tell us about our location (click
on the picture to make it larger)

A couple of people had talked about this anchorage. It's located at
approximately 27°06.84'N 080°08.55'W. The chart shows
2 feet of water, but if you follow the directions, you head due east
from Green 19 in Peck Lake towards a danger sign, and you'll find
8 feet of water. I guess this picture proves it exists!

Our next house

Tiger Wood's yacht "Privacy" (yes, we're taking a picture
of a yacht named "Privacy")

Privacy's tender - a 20ft power boat with a huge engine.

We visited with Paul (CardiacPaul from SailNet) while here at
the Old North Port Cove Marina in North Palm Beach. Here's a picture
of us with Pelican (looking rather like a cruising boat) in the

We also visited with my (Chris) second cousins while here
in North Palm Beach

Carol and Murray took us to a Street Art Fair in Lake Worth.
Cool stuff!!

An awesome performer we listened to for a while - Nicholas Marks

Kaitlin opening a coconut

Kaitlin's got nuts!

When you're done peeling them, you drive a nail
into the soft end and you can then drink
the sweet liquid from the inside.

"Have you seen someone who looks like this?"

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures... Been following the blogs all along.... Keep going! Don't stop! :)