Monday, April 13, 2009

Casey's Post from April 9th

Casey here - Yesterday we arrived at Allens Cay. On the way there, Kaitlin and I hung out down below most of the time because it was kind of chilly outside. We did come up for the scariest part thought, the coral heads. Imagine driving down the road with a whole bunch of people holding chain saws, wearing black standing in the road. They are obvious because they are dressed in black, but it is extremely important to steer clear of them so they don't damage your car. It's the same thing with the coral heads. They make the surface of the water black, but you know if you don't avoid them they'll rip off the bottom of your boat. We got through those safely though without the depth going below 12 feet of water.

After the coral, Kaitlin and I went back down below to finish the movie, Merry Christmas Drake and Josh. Just as that was finishing we were about a mile away from Allens Cay. Mom got the anchor ready and I took some video of us entering the anchorage. As we pulled into the anchorage I looked over at the beach and saw at least 50 little iguanas waddling towards the people there that had lettuce. We anchored the boat in one spot, set the anchor, sat back and relaxed. We decided we didn't want to go through the process of putting the 20 horsepower engine on the dinghy, so Mom and I tried to figure out how to work the oars. We haven't tried them before and always thought that they were cheap and useless. As it turns out, they are! The plastic handles on the end of the oars come off, and the thing that holds the oar onto the dingy came out!

After we tested out the oars, we decided we were too close to another boat so we moved our anchor. Then we put the little 6 horse engine on the dinghy. That one is so light we can practically toss it to each other.

We all hopped into the dinghy and went into shore with some mega rotten lettuce and fed the lizards. We recieved a tip from a little boy on another boat to always have some sand ready to throw at them if they come too close.

Some of the lizards were really chubby an they kind of waddled around the beach. We wondered how you could get chubby from lettuce! We went back to the boat and ate dinner and Mom and I went fishing.

That was the end of our day. Today I think we are going to go to look for lobsters and go tubing.

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