Saturday, April 25, 2009


Here are some more pictures from Warderick Wells and Compass Cay/Pipe Cay.

This is on the Exuma Sound side (east side) of Warderick Wells. The wind was blowing around 20kts creating some pretty wild wave action.

This is also from the eastern side of Warderick Wells. There were some beautiful rock formations that created powerful images as the waves crashed against them.

The sign says it all.

The dinghy ride from Pipe Cay to Compass Cay - about 2 miles or so. It's very helpful to have a RIB (rigid dinghy) with a big engine so you can explore from your anchorage. We've seen a lot of people with smaller dinghies and smaller engines, and they have to move from anchorage to anchorage a lot more often. I can also tell you that having a strong, powerful dinghy is essential when the weather is rough. Without it, we would not have been able to reach Georgetown the past couple of days with the really rough seas between where we are and the dinghy docks.

Us at Compass Cay. We just couldn't get Kristen to look at the camera. Hello? Kristen??

The family from Saratoga Springs (30 minutes north of our home) that we've become fast friends with. The kids are of similar ages to Casey and Kaitlin.

Walking to the bubble baths on Compass Cay.

The Bubble Baths - a natural deep pool right on the edge of Exuma Sound on Compass Cay. There's a small opening between the pool and the sound (basically the ocean). During a rising tide, the waves will crash through the opening causing a huge amount of bubbles in the water. Here you can see one of the waves entering the pool.

You can see the cut in the rocks that allows the waves to crash through.

The rare flip-flop tree.

Here's where all the garbage that cruiser's and other boats throw overboard ends up. We saw hundreds of plastic bottles, shoes, clothing, broken up boats (yes, we even found a rudder - I'd hate to hear that story) and other garbage strewn across the beach at Compass Cay.

The kids built a fort from wood found on the beach.

The tide went out a bit while we were on our hike. Here are our friends from Side by Side walking out to the dinghies.

It's like the Bahamas was made for pictures. You can see our dinghies in the far background.

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