Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Times...Gooooood Times...

Kristen here - OK, I only have a few minutes before I need to hit the sack. I'm exhausted. We made it with our new friends to Compass Cay. Right now we're at a marina in South Sampson Cay.

We went to Rachel's Bubble Bath in Compass Cay. It was this place where there was an area higher than the surf with a small pond like place. The surf would surge above the rocks and rush into the pond area. We must have been there at the perfect time, because it was just like a wave pool. The surge would splash over the rocks into the pond and whisk you away. We all had an awsome time there.

After the Bubble Bath, we walked around and found an area with a TON of garbage. There were flip flops, plastic bottles, lines, wood, and much more. I grabbed a cooler top to use as a fish cleaning station. Perfect!

Parker, Sabrina, Casey and Kaitlin have been having a ton of fun hanging out together. Yesterday they played, swam, and went tubing together. Today Sabrina came with us to Sampson Cay and Casey sailed with Side By Side. They are quite happy to have some other kids to hang out with.

Oh, and Mark (side by side dad) showed me how to catch and clean conch! We went conching together. He said, "Carefull, they're quick little suckers". Basically they just sit there and you dive down and grab them. But he showed me how to clean them, which was invaluable. Thanks Mark! We got out a lot of frustrations out by whacking the 5 conch we caught! Then Angie (side by side mom) mad delicious conch patties for dinner last night.

Tonight we are enjoying being tied up to a dock. We gave the boat a well needed wash down when we got here, and the humans will have a well needed wash down tomorrow. Tonight we left the kids on our boat with a movie and hung out on side by side. We have really been enjoying some adult company as much as the kids have been enjoying kid company. Thanks Mark and Angie!!!

Tomorrow we'll try to fill our water tanks, shower and do laundry before heading to Black Point. We'll see how much really gets done. Everyone is sleeping now, and I'm going to do the same. G'night all!

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