Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A couple of updates

I had one inaccuracy and one "maybe" inaccuracy in my last post. First, our marina is not locked with chain at night. The front door is open all the time. Second, I talked to the night security guard about our safety in the area. He said that he hasn't heard of any incidents on the road from the marina to the bridges down the road for a long time. If you walk down the road at midnight "you may be stopped by some hustlers trying to sell you drugs or something" but he felt that would be about it. He felt that walking the road at 9 or 10pm should be fine, but he also stated that some people might be attractors for crime so "your mileage may vary". I plan on sending the kids out at 10pm to walk down the street. I'll have them bring a cell phone. When they get to the bridge I'll have them call me to let me know if it's safe and I'll report back here.

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Saving CAL 29 Sea Fever said...

My trip to club med there had issues every day with drug dealers on club med grounds.

We rented motor scooters to do a bit of island touring and after riding past the prison felt unsafe and went back to paradise island