Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Picture Day... Errrr... Night

I haven't found the motivation to write the blog entry about our passage down. It was a hectic day today - moving to the mooring field, showering, having Nonni arrive. That's a lot of stuff in one day! I have a bunch of pictures from Charleston that I never posted, so I thought y'all might like to see them. Once again, click on a picture to see a larger version.

Kaitlin and a science experiment

A closeup of her experiment. I'll send you a big "Good Job"
on the blog if you can figure out what she built!!

I spy Kaitlin - do you?

I Sea Turtle

Is he actually staring me down???

Is he smiling or passing gas?

I love Coast Guard Vessels - especially when they are out
making sure you're safe

A rare picture of ME!

Believe it or not, the dock we tied up to in Charleston
to have our life raft installed was in this mess!

It's good to know they practice!

And keep practicing, and keep practicing...

The Battery - keeps on going, and going and going! (OK - bad joke)

Casey and the Frog Prince

I would love to have equipment like that on Pelican. The
car is like twice the size of my head!

Or I could go for these... (I'd have to mortgage my house AGAIN)

Or just give me the 84' vessel they're all attached to

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Anonymous said...

Love following your family's adventures, I think i commented on the wrong date earlier, but I believe the science experiment is an animal cell....