Sunday, January 4, 2009

We're here!

Yep - we're here! It was a fairly uneventful passage. The wind was under 5kts most of the time, so we had to motor the whole way. Around 9pm on Saturday night the fog rolled in and followed us all the way to our spot on the "Megadock", with under 100ft of visibility after we entered the harbor. We did an instrument landing using the radar and Chartplotter the whole way in - thank goodness for technology! We had many dolphins following us along the way but didn't catch any fish when we had our handline out. We motored along at around 4kts the whole way to make sure we entered the harbor in daylight (not that it mattered with the fog). We'll post more information soon!

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MMR said...


I had a good chuckle at your bioluminescence story - because your experience was exactly like mine! Chuck and I still laugh about my excited yells from the head the first time I saw those green sparkles. Life is just weirdly wonderful, eh?

Xbox is on the way, with a Christmas gift for you all tucked inside. I'll email the tracking number.