Friday, January 2, 2009

Try #2 - Cape Fear to Charleston

We had a nice time here at Bald Head Island. The assistant dockmaster here was the former City Manager for Southport, NC for the past 15 years. He offered to take us for a tour of town, so we took him up on it today, took the ferry to shore and cruised around town. He was telling us about a great new marina being built called Deep Point, that he will be running. It will have new docks, new restaurants, bathrooms, showers and cable at the slips. He also mentioned that they were considering free transportation into town. How can you go wrong with new showers! We had great hushpuppies at PJ's, a local haunt, checked out the Maritime Museum and now we're back on Pelican preparing for our short passage tomorrow/Sunday.

The distance is only 122nm. We'll be leaving at 7:30am - right around slack. We'd like to beat a 2.5kt flood if we can. The only issue is that they are having unusually low tides here, and we grounded at our slip in very, very soft mud. How do I know how soft? We actually grounded 15 feet off our slip, and I was still able to push us forward all the way to our slip with a few extra RPM's on the engine. We're fine at high tide, but it may be iffy at 7:30am.

The weather forecast for this weekend calls for fairly light winds (10kts), low seas (2-3ft) and a bit of rain. We're looking forward to a more sedate passage. At an average of 4kts (assuming light winds), we'll be to Charleston in approximately 30 hours. Once again, you can track our progress via the same SPOT address from before - click here.

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