Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pelican caught a fish!!

Casey here- We got a Fish! Well, actually 2 fish, but I suppose that’s even better. My dad came back from West Marine (an awesome boating store) the other day with 300 pound test line, stainless steel leader wire, and huge swivels. When we were putting together our array of line and wire (more specifically, lure, wire, weight, wire, and then fish line) the book said to use size 7 wire. I looked around the package for the size and it said size 19. Well, I think that’s big enough! The line came in a big coil, and every boater knows that if a line coils onto itself, it becomes a big knot. As my mom started to uncoil the line, she said we have to make sure this doesn’t get knotted. And what happens about 3 seconds later? Yup. You guessed it. It got massively tangled. What got tangled in 3 seconds, took about an hour to untangle. When we finally untangled it, we quick threw it in before it could get tangled again. We checked it every 2 minutes by pulling on it to see how hard it was. After about 10 minutes we felt the line and it was harder to pull in. We quick pulled it in on our jury rigged reel, which looked like this:

and when we were almost in we could see the lure and we thought there was no fish on it until we saw it jump. We pulled it in all the way and we saw this:

Pretty big, huh. To all those Poppi's out there, "I caught a fish THIS big!!!!!" We thought it was a mackerel which apparently has a fishy taste so we threw it back. We drove forward some to make sure we didn't catch the same one again and we threw the lure back in. We researched it some in our handy dandy Atlantic wildlife book and found that it was actually a tuna. Darn. Five minutes later we caught another of the same kind of fish. This time we kept it. It was a bit smaller than the other one, probably 2 feet long and 10 pounds. My mom took it down below and filleted it. We got 2 pretty nice steaks out of it. Tonight were gonna grill it and I'm going to start my news years resolution. EAT SEAFOOD!!!!!!! Before this trip, I always hated seafood, but I know that's all we'll be eating sometimes so it's going to be eat seafood or starve. Well, at least that's what my parents say.

Update: I know you are all wondering whether I liked the fish or not, and to tell you the truth, I really didn't. Sorry to let you all down.


Anonymous said... are the MAN! The FISHERMAN!! You have caught the very fish that Poppi dreams about. Don't eat that tuna. Save it. Poppi will help you out, and eat it when he comes to see you. No, I'm only fooling you; it's a nice fish. Good going. Also, very very nice entry. Love, Poppi

Sylvina said...

Casey-that fish is beautiful!