Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Picture Day

I went through our pictures and selected a few never-seen-before shots for your viewing pleasure. Click on any of the pictures to see an enlarged version. Enjoy!

Maret, Olaf (Our Dutch friends), Kaitlin and Casey at Carrot Island,
with the Shackleford Horses (wild horses) in the background.

Sunset over the horizon while on passage
from Beaufort, NC to Charleston...errr... Cape Fear.

Fun with shadows.

The most excellent (free) loaner car at the
Beaufort Town Docks - A Buick Roadmaster!

We're feeling a bit rebellious.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Pretty amazing that this is what our
boat is made of, isn't it?

They are fairly amazing birds!

OMG - Time to call Extreme Makeover!
Someone, please help!

The family at Fort Macon.

Our Dutch friend's boat - Evolution.


You will probably be so sick of dolphin
pictures by the time our cruise is done!

Our new dinghy. Exciting, ain't it??? We like the fact
that all four of us can go in it and we can still plane at
over 20mph. Can anyone say tubing?

Chris enjoying his favorite activity -
drinking a Coke!

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