Friday, March 13, 2009

Mega Picture Post

Chris here... OK... so I'm terrible at posting pictures. With all the megapixels the new digital cameras have, we have to reduce the size of the pictures, crop them to get our fingers out, and make them look pretty for all to see. In other words, I'm a perfectionist and can't just post pics. Yes, I could dial down the pixels on the camera, but we like to capture the detail so we can focus in on particular sections. You'll see an example of that later (men will likey likey). Anyway, here are pics going from our departure of North Palm Beach to today in Key Biscayne.

Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to see larger versions.

Leaving North Palm Beach

A new take on the houseboat!

Ummm... honey... where are we exactly?

Yeah - that's not scary to pass

Just a little Prism Polish and it will look like new!

Do these guys tell people they will be vacationing on a ship
that looks like the
one from King Kong?? (and may be as old)

Fort Lauderdale

Which one is the better Welcome to Fort Lauderdale?
This one?

Or this one? (Look carefully)

This is why we like the megapixels. OK.. not completely G-Rated...
The last picture zoomed in.

We passed a lot of Superyachts. This is Anjilis.

Here is Meteor.

I gotta get me one of those! Make room on Pelican's aft deck!

Here's MitSEAah... she's for sale for $27.5mil, or you can charter her.

Us at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery
and Science. I ended up buying that clock to time
our watches at night. It doubles as a mast.

Visitor at the Cooley's Landing Marina dock

Kaitlin hard at work sewing her new fuzzy pillow

You know.. you turn your back for just a minute!

Yes, I'm married to her and I'm not giving her up!

OK... we just fell in love with the name of this store! (Picture by Casey)

A local bar in Lauderdale... click on the picture to read their slogan.

Provisioning, part one. We had to find a place for this stuff!

And more stuff! And this wasn't even close to being everything.

The kids got bored.

Another superyacht. This is Athena - yours for $400,000 Euros a week.

Lauderdale to Key Biscayne

Kristen cleaning up the deck after leaving the dock.
That's the Port Everglades Inlet we're aiming for.

A Dockwise ship. Dockwise ships lower their cargo section
15 feet under the water to create a temporary deep water
Boats are then motored on under their own power, stands are welded
under them, and then the whole thing raises back up and dries out.
boats are then shipped around the world. They take superyachts like
the ones above on these things, along with boats our size.

Land ho! The Key Biscayne Light. I have to put my
polarizing filter on so you can see the color of the water here.

Key Biscayne

Still life with vacuum. Actually, this was my test shot to see
if my camera was working a day after getting hit
by salt
water. Pretty, ain't it?

The kids and their new, replaced Nintendo DS light. Always buy
the extended warranty when on a boat!

The local manatee. This one lives in the marina. When we first saw
it we thought it was dead since it was just floating
there with
seaweed growing on it. It turns out that it's just
lazy and sleeps
in the marina all day

Oh yes, and it's a ham. Hey! We're trying to get a picture
of our kids here! Sheesh.

Fun with cameras.

And Kaitlin has to do it too :)

A dead puffer fish. Nice hairdo! Kaitlin enjoyed
poking its eyes out with a stick. "They were squishy!"

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