Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nassau soon!

Chris here... Boy, what a wild week or so of weather! It's been blowing pretty hard here for many days and the waves have followed suit. I'm actually fairly glad we didn't head out on Thursday - the surf was pretty good, although not nearly like today. There are actually several boats in the marina today taking cover. I've included a video below showing what it is like today - with some footage toward the end of someone who decided to go anyway...

We're very excited to head to Nassau as Kristen's parents are flying in to meet us! The original plan had us going to Nassau earlier this week and they would meet us there, stay over at a hotel for a few days and then head home. Then, plans changed - we missed our window and Kristen's parents had some things they needed to take care of at home. Then we looked into how much it would cost to ship the items they were going to bring (random boat stuff) into Nassau, and found that it would cost the same to fly one of them here, so we offered to fly her Dad to Bimini and have him join us on the trip to Nassau. THEN they called back and said that they would BOTH fly down, meet us in Bimini on Monday evening, and sail to Nassau with us and stay on Pelican for a few days. Does it stop there? Nope! We listened to Chris Parker this morning and he highly recommended not crossing on Wednesday (we had planned to cross the banks Tue/Wed), so now the plan is to have her parents fly into Nassau, stay there at a hotel for Monday night, while we leave Monday at noonish or so and head all the way to Nassau, sailing overnight. Phew!!! How plans can change!!

So, at this point, subject to change, we'll be heading out Monday morning and will hopefully land at Nassau sometime on Tuesday.

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