Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It was a busy day

We left at 9:30am (all the stores opened at 10am) and got to Sam's Club, 2 Walmarts, a Dive Shop, a fishing place, West Marine, and Sailorman. We returned the car 4 minutes before it was due back. Yes, a slightly different list than the original - we missed the Chinese grocery and Beef Jerky place (but they are shipping us our Jerky - www.jerkyhut.com - this stuff is amazing! Go to the site just to listen to the jingle!), and we hadn't planned on going to a fishing tackle shop (and buying a great new rod), but we ended up getting most everything done except for buying saffron. The net result? 70lbs of meat, over a hundred cans of food and lots and lots and lots of other stuff, and the fact that our waterline is now another 1.5" down and our engine exhaust is underwater. Yeah... I think we need a bigger boat :).

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