Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quick Update

The weather forecast for Sunday and Monday is good... at least for motoring. I don't know how much sailing we'll get in, but it looks like we'll be able to cross under power. Tomorrow we're going to move over to No Name Harbor on the southern end of Key Biscayne, and then we'll hopefully head out at first light on Sunday. I don't know what the communications situation will be like in the islands, but we did get a satellite phone so I'm fairly confident we'll be able to keep regular blog entries going. Keep an eye out for our SPOT track on Sunday or Monday!

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Anonymous said...

So, I contacted T-W and aasked how much it would cost us to call the satilite phone, since all of our calls are free. They said nothing. I asked if they were sure. They said as long as it was registared in the US. I said it was from the US. Then he asked what the area code was. This was my first clue. I told them it was a satilite area code. There was a long pause. Then they said...just try it, all you got to lose is $1.50 or so. I said it costs like $10/min. Another long pause. Then they said.."write letters". Love, Poppi.