Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Well, we have arrived in the Bahamas at the start of the rainy season. When I say start, I mean start. It started raining HARD around midnight and it has barely stopped since. According to our weather forecaster, it's the first precipitation event to hit this region for a very long time. Oh yes - the power went out at the marina too. When the rain first hit last night, we remembered that we left a bunch of stuff on deck, so we ran up to put it away. Simultaneous with that, as we pulled the hatch open, there were a bunch of blue and white flashes in the close area, then the flickers of all of the lights at all the buildings surrounding the marina, and then nothing. And then flickers again. And then nothing. And then flickers again. I realized I should probably disconnect us from shore power before we fried something on board. Oh yes, and the leaks. We found several new ones. Fortunately, they all seem to be coming from hatches (so far, knock on wood). They are always in the most convenient of places - right above the V-Berth, right above the galley, etc. We bought extra weather stripping in the US before we left. Hopefully we have enough. We have about 5 hatches to do.

So, today, we're just gonna hunker down in Pelican, make some corned beef hash for breakfast with our leftovers from last night, and do some school and rainy day activities.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to get some Bimini Bread!
They will have some at the straw market or at the store on the left fork before the airport road. They may have some at BS store as well my wife says. JC3

Anonymous said...

I'd just go snorkeling again, it's not raining under water !!!
Thanks for sharing your amazing story