Monday, March 23, 2009

Weather Update

Chris here... The wind and seas are supposed to stay big for at least a couple of more days - tomorrow and Wednesday winds will be mid 20kts with waves 6-8ft. They are supposed to decrease somewhat on Thursday and Friday, so I think those will be the days we'll be making a run for Nassau. The run from Bimini to Northwest Channel will be 60-70nm (depending on whether we leave from the northern tip of Bimini or head down to South Cat Cay first), and then there will be another 40-50 miles to Nassau. We'll go all night just to make sure we get in before the wind hits again on Saturday.

We're still trying to coordinate a get together with Kristen's parents, and we don't know whether that will occur in Nassau or somewhere else. Everyone would prefer somewhere else, but the only other place would be Georgetown and we have no idea how long it will take us to get down there with all of the stops in between. Anyway, I'll try to get some pics up today along with some comments on the nature walk we went on yesterday and the "Kid's Club" the kids went to on Saturday.

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