Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pics that go with the last blog entry

Kristen forgot to wait for me to include the pictures in the post, so here they are. For several of them you'll need to click on them to see the details.

This is "The Sandbar" where hundreds of boats congregate every weekend to drink and party. Unfortunately, this is about as close as we got.

Here's Melissa who was super nice to us while in Key Biscayne. We had a lot of fun hanging out with her in No Name!

At 7am-ish we slipped out of No Name and left the US behind us.

You can probably just make out the "LAST" at the top of our depth reading. From here on out we were in water from 500' to 3000' deep.

Land Ho! Click on the picture and you can just make out Bimini in the background.

The water color started changing as we closed in.

Here we are playing follow the leader. If you click on the picture, you can see Kristen and Casey ahead of us in the dinghy sounding out the channel to Bimini Sands. It's all the way to the left of the leftmost rock formation. It turned out that we had 7' of water (and could have had a little more) at high tide, so we were fine.

Here we are filling out the pile of customs and immigrations forms. Some of the questions were funny. They provided us with all of the forms at the Marina and then I took a 3 mile van ride ($8 round trip, and they waited for me) to the airport to check in.

Check out some of the questions (click on the picture to enlarge). I think these forms are more meant for larger vessels.

And here we are in our slip at Bimini Sands. The place is empty! It's one of the cheapest places to stay in Bimini ($1.10/ft/night), although you have to dinghy over or take the water taxi to North Bimini where Alice Town is.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Keep having a great time and keep taking pictures and writing your Blog,it keeps the rest of working sailors goin!

Joe McCary
Aeolus II, West River, MD