Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Friends in Georgetown

Kaitlin here – It was so cool being in Georgetown. I met another little girl there named Caroline. Caroline is from North Carolina. She is an only child but she has a dog named Coconut who is really cute. I went to Caroline’s boat for like two days in a row to play with her. She was a really good friend to me. I think she is still going much farther south and we are going to be heading back north soon. I`m kind of happy about going north because I get to see all my friends at home and kind of sad about leaving my friends that I have made cruising so far. 
When my dad went back to the states and people dropped off mail, Casey and I saw a boy and a girl that where about 5 years old from a boat named Tranquility. Their names were Maya and Fynn. The next day on Hamburger Beach there was a party so we went to it. At that party the little boy and the little girl were there so we played hide and go seek together. The following day we got together and went to Volleyball Beach with Tranquility.

In Georgetown there is a small internet place where you can get good internet and good slushies. The slushie that I got came in a small plastic cup. It was all frozen ice that was not crushed and the great thing is it only cost 35 cents! Across the street is a basketball court that was a lot fun to play on but is really slippery. I have to say my favorite part about Georgetown is that there`s a lot of things to do there.

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