Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Chris here... apparently, I'm all over naming my blog titles after songs I like - in this case Billy Joel. Anyway, the barometric pressure, after plummeting over the past few days, started a radical rise this morning signifying the end to this low pressure system. We're pretty thrilled about that. We never had the high winds or heavy squalls predicted, but we were lucky. Most of the areas immediately surrounding us had to deal with the inclement weather. There was frequent lightning surrounding us, but never reaching us, and we had almost no rain and very little wind. It has been a tense couple of days.

We're trying to figure out our schedule moving forward. We'd like to get our bottom painted before we leave the Bahamas, and we need to catch some more conch and snorkel a bit more. We're thinking we can get our bottom done in Spanish Wells, just north of where we are. If so, we'll probably skip the Abacos this season and then head back to the US after our bottom is painted. If they can't do the work in Spanish Wells, we'll probably go to the Abacos to get the work done. Supposedly there's a weather window towards the end of next week that will allow us
to sail back to the US. Regardless, we're spending one more day here in Alabaster Bay before we hop north. The seas are still a bit high so there's no reason to leave right away. We'll let you know more as we figure it out.

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