Monday, May 11, 2009

Heading out Monday

Chris here.. Follow along on our SPOT satellite tracker by clicking on the link to the right! On Monday (errr... today, at this point) we'll be heading northwest about 32nm to Little San Salvador. While Little San Salvador used to be a "middle of nowhere" destination, today Holland America Cruise Line uses it as a watersport destination for its passengers - jet skis, parasail boats, catamarans, paddle boats and banana rides. When the cruise ship is not there you can tour the island to your heart's content, but while it's in port they ask that you stay off the island. The ship is supposed to be arriving tomorrow, and they usually leave the same day. Since we're not going to be there until evening we're hoping it won't be a factor. Little San Salvador is supposed to have excellent snorkeling and spearfishing.

By the way, Cat Island used to be called San Salvador but was renamed to Cat Island many generations ago. Little San Salvador is an island that sits on the same bank as Cat Island.

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