Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heading to Spanish Wells

Chris here... Tomorrow we're going to pull up our hook and head to Spanish Wells. While we've thoroughly enjoyed our time in Alabaster Bay (OK... I could have done with two days less), it's time to blow this joint and head north. It's about a 38nm trip there and we have to pass through "Current Cut", a land break between Eleuthera and the Northeast Providence Channel. We actually won't be heading to the big channel, but will be turning north immediately after passing through the cut to head to Spanish Wells. The current can run at up to 5kts or more through the cut, and since our max speed under power is about 7kts, we have to time our passage accordingly. We'll be leaving here at around 7am to make it through before the current turns against us. Once at Spanish Wells, we'll probably stay at the marina there so we can have some real Internet. We'll be heading that way with Aly Cat, Taua and Asolare. Follow along on our SPOT!

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