Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Georgetown Rox!

Casey here- We recently left Georgetown to head to Cat Island so I am going to do a recap of what happened there. When we came to the Bahamas, we thought that there would be lots of kids but actually, until we came to the Exumas, we found none. The first kids that we met were on Side By Side. We followed them to Georgetown and there, we met more friendly kids then you could imagine!

While we were there, Side by side, some of my other friends on Liberty, and I went wake boarding. We used our dinghy because we have a larger engine and Side By Side’s wakeboard. Instead of using traditional wakeboards, we used kite boards, just without a kite. The difference is a wake board uses boots that clip in. A kite board doesn’t so you just slip your feet into them. They are also wider than traditional wakeboards.

 The first time we went, I couldn’t get up. The second time, Mr. Johnson from Side By Side let me use their other board which is bigger and has more surface area. The first time I didn’t get up. Second time? Nope. Third time’s the charm! I got up for about three seconds and fell face first into the water. Mr. Johnson came around in the dinghy and everyone was standing up clapping for me. Wow. What great friends! They let me try another time and I did it! I was jumping the wake and matching the dinghy’s speed! That was the most fun thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been searching eBay and free craigslist for one ever since.

One day Side By Side came across to Georgetown with us to watch the regatta. Parker and I were sitting on the steps talking about spore (a computer game I got for Christmas last year), when Chris showed up. As you may already know, we brought our Xbox 360 with us but ended up not being able to use it. I just happened to bring that up to Chris, who just happened to have a TV. Hmm… I think you can tell what happened next. The next day we put the Xbox into 2 waterproof bags (better safe than sorry!) and brought it over to Liberty. Josh (Chris’s brother), Chris, Parker and I all enjoyed about 4 hours of video games.

The downside was we had to take the little dingy. We have 2 dinghies. One is the ridged bottom 20 horse, and the other is the inflatable bottom 6 horse. The latter one is incredibly horrible. We can still plane (ride above the waves) but only when just Kaitlin, 1 luggage item, and I are on it. You always feel like you are going to flip on it. If you speed up when there is not enough weight in the bow and the wind catches the bottom of it, it goes way up in the air. Either the lock that holds the engine in the down position broke, or fell off, because when you get onto a plane, the prop starts to spin out of the water. That only happens if there is too much weight in the dinghy. Our mom prefers us to take the small one but if we are going to wake boarding then she lets us take the big one.

One day we had a Bonfire party. A few hours before hand, Chris, Parker, Josh and I picked up the wood. We went over to a beach and made a few piles of wood. We took a trail over to ocean side beach and picked up more wood on the way. Until that day I had never ever gotten bit by an ant. I picked up a piece of wood and started to carry it and a few minutes later my hand started to burn. Badly. I dropped the wood and looked at my hand there were around three ants crawling around there. Chris is from Texas and immediately pointed out that they were fire ants. Yeah. Thanks for the help Chris. I quickly brushed them off and was very hesitant to touch any more wood. At the bonfire we put some of the wood in and when it began to burn, thousands of ants started crawling out of it. I proudly stood up and told everyone that those were the ants that bit me. Apparently that wasn’t that significant and everyone just kind of stared at me blankly. I of course brought that wood to this beach using the inflatable bottom dinghy, so who knows how many ants were crawling around in there now, eating the hypalon fabric that it’s made of. I checked it the next day and it was fine. Phew! That’s a relief! 
Some other cool things in Georgetown are the fort on volleyball beach. It was made by cruising kids out of junk found on the island. For example: A floor mat made out of an umbrella, a small house/fort thingy made out of scrap wood, a fish net and palm leaves,  and “Night vision goggles” made out of a snorkel mask.

There was also a swing tied to a branch. To use it you climbed up a 1 story tall tree, had someone on the ground pass you the swing, jump off the tree and then hold on for dear life! Apparently I was to fraidy cat to do it, but Kaitlin wasn’t!

Chat and Chill on volleyball had excellent burgers for only $4.50 with all you can eat onions, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles ketchup, mustard, and mayo to put on them! St. Francis also had $12 a week wifi!

All in all, Georgetown is a pretty great place and I would definitely recommend it to anyone cruising with kids. Only when there is an event going on though. After the first weather window after the regatta there was positively no kids left.

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