Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Chris here... At first I was thinking about doing another April Fool's Day type of joke about Pelican sinking during all of the bad weather, but then I realized that 1) Kristen's parents and my mother read this blog and would kill me, and 2) I received several death threats (OK... maybe that's exaggerating a little, but not too far off) from friends and other blog readers when I did the LAST April Fool's Day joke.  I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not ready to die, so no fooling around this morning.

Well, we decided to stay in Alabaster Bay for now.  I'm not happy about that since there's no WiFi here and no town to walk around in, but when Miakoda left yesterday to head for the Exumas they called back to tell us to stay put - they were getting bashed by waves and wind once they left the protection of the bay.  So - we decided to stay.  Kristen and the kids went swimming and hiking, and I sat around the boat moping about being bored.  I think I'm just really tired and stressed.

We woke up for the 6:30am Chris Parker weather forecast yesterday.  For those of you that know me, you probably also know that 6:30am is usually not in my vocabulary.  I was up until 2:30am, so I got slightly under 4 hours of sleep.  Then Chris said that he was still unsure as to the weather patterns, so the morning was spent speculating what would happen.  The wind stayed pretty light for most of the day with only a few strong periods, and the highest wind we saw was about 28mph or so.  This morning we were up for the 6:30am forecast again, and Chris THINKS the nasty weather will pass mostly west and north of us, but he's still not completely confident - apparently the two low pressure systems aren't strongly defined so it's hard to tell.  So... another two days of waiting for this system to pass, and hoping that we don't see 50kt (60mph or so) winds in the major rain squalls at any point.  The sand here makes for pretty good holding as long as the wind doesn't swing around to the west, and there's a low probability of that.

So the long and short of it is - we're fine, I'm a bit bored and so far so good.

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