Sunday, May 17, 2009

Heading to Alabaster Bay and then...?

Chris here... Well, we're pulling up the hook in a few minutes to head to Alabaster Bay, about 7nm north of here. There's supposedly a really good Italian restaurant there and, well, we could go for some good pasta.

An update on weather... Side by Side has left us, and at 3:30am they left Governor's Harbour to head to Fort Lauderdale, about 220nm away. They want to beat out the system, cross the Gulf Stream, and get cracking on boat repairs to prep for an Atlantic crossing in a few weeks. We will sorely miss them!

The rest of the kid boats here (Aly Cat, Miakoda, Taua, and Asolare) are going to Alabaster, and then we'll figure out where we can still head to hole up for the upcoming storms. If we have Internet, we'll update you when we know. Otherwise, follow our SPOT tracking (link to the right) and see where we decided!

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Anonymous said...

Guys, Do any of the boats your meeting have blogs, etc... Thank You, JC